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single panel solar pump kit

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The affordable and reliable way to pump water.
        (without monthly electric or rural water charges)
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K85 Single Panel Solar Water
Pumping Kit.
   These Solar Water Pumps are Rebuildable - Long LIfe - Brushless Motors - They do not require additional controllers.
System Pricing Starting at only $1,700.00 Includes Solar Panels, Aluminum Mounts and Submersible Water Pump with 100Ft. pump cable connected.  No under water splicing required.
2 panel solar pump
K170 Two Panel Solar Water Pumping Kit.
Something to consider when purchasing a solar powered pumping system:
When selecting a pumping system please consider that this is not a one year purchase, but a purchase that will last and be used for many years. So with that in mind it’s not typically that much more expensive to step up to the next size larger system than what your exact situation may minimally require. We find that our customers who do this are generally very satisfied with their decision in the long run. It can make a tremendous difference in reducing the need for them to haul water as often in extended periods of cloudy weather. The larger system will pump better in low light situations and will also provide more water when the sun is shining. It’s typically around $400 to step up a system size and when you look at that over a 10 or 20 year period that the system can be used it’s a very minimal expense per year to be even happier with your purchase. We have never had a customer regret it. It’s much easier to purchase the next size larger system up front than to try and add a panel later. Furthermore if you do this and use our ALC tank level controller, you fill your tank faster and the pump is shut off more saving run time on your motor.

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1000 watt solar pump
K1000H-4 Panel Solar Water Pump System
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